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QHHT and Mediumship: Connecting Directly with Loved Ones Who Have Crossed Over

One thing that many of my friends do not know about me is that, in addition to other things, I am a Medium. In fact, many of the women on both sides of my family have had this gift. I enjoy talking with Spirit, and there have been many times when this ability has helped me as a QHHT practitioner to be able to offer my clients the opportunity to be a Medium themselves. By that, I mean that Spirit has allowed me to help clients to be able to get the best reading, ever, by experiencing it themselves. By connecting directly with their loved ones.

Have you ever been to a Medium for a reading? Many people who have lost a love, a child, or other close friend or relative reach out to Mediums to get a message from their loved one on the other side. It is a subject of much fascination among all cultures. In some cultures, Mediums are revered and their abilities are widely sought after. In others, Mediums are believed to be possessed by the Devil or evil spirits. In Colonial America, for instance, many women were burned at the stake in Salem, Massachusetts, just for being rumored to have this gift. What a terrible misunderstanding.

If you haven’t been, when you go to a Medium for a reading you will receive messages from whatever spirits wish to communicate with you. Depending on the skill set of the Seer, you may get some verification from Spirit to identify the one you are connecting with, followed by a message. Sometimes it is very helpful; other times it is merely entertaining. So I am very pleased to have the ability to use QHHT to connect my clients directly to their loved ones, and enable them to be together again. With QHHT, my clients have had the blessing of being able to see and feel their loved ones again, as well as receiving important messages. It is a much more satisfying experience for them than receiving information second-hand. In the case of my client, Daniel, being a medium for a day was just what he needed.

Daniel had called me after his young wife had suddenly passed in a horrible accident, leaving him with an infant and a toddler, and a lot of anger and confusion about how and why this had occurred. He worried that his wife had felt pain, and wondered if she was afraid. Where was she now? Why had God taken her from him? “Am I being punished?” he asked me. I told him I didn’t know, but perhaps we could find out. We scheduled an appointment to meet and do a QHHT session.

The day of Daniel’s appointment arrived and I opened the door to see a handsome young man, who looked to be in his late 30’s. He looked very nervous at first, but after we sat down together and talked for a bit, the nerves settled down. He told me it had been 6 months since his wife had passed, and shed tears as he described her and their beautiful life together. Daniel told me how they had met at a party, and described what Kathy was wearing in explicit detail. It was love at first sight and they were married soon after. Their son arrived within the first year of their marriage, and their daughter was born almost 2 years later. Life was wonderful-- not perfect, but close to it. He felt blessed and complete. He had a beautiful family and a fulfilling career that he enjoyed. What more could he ask for? Suddenly and without warning everything tragically changed.

Tears flowed freely as Daniel described that evening. It was a rainy day in Southern California, and after having no rain for months the roads were very slippery and dangerous. But Kathy was a careful driver. She was coming home late, so he had picked up the kids from his mother after work. She had fed them, and they were tired, so he was able to finish some work while they slept. He felt grateful for the peace. That peace was shattered late in the evening, however, when two CHP officers appeared at his house. They told him there had been an accident, and he said that he blanked out after that. He couldn’t recall much of what had happened. The last six months had been a recurring nightmare as he struggled to maintain the status quo at work and at home. He cried over the loss of Kathy, but also for the children’s loss, the mother they will never know.

Daniel and I prayed together and asked for our Higher Selves to communicate. We set the intention of getting him the answers he was seeking, and for the healing of his grief. Daniel wanted to understand why this had happened to him; he needed closure so that he could move forward.

As is my practice, I set the day aside for Daniel, which allowed us to talk and get comfortable with one another, without feeling time pressure. When we both felt ready I had him lie down, as if he was getting ready to go to sleep for the night. I started speaking to him in a soft, rhythmic voice and off we went on a long journey of exploration, across centuries and dimensions to get the answers he was seeking.

Daniel relaxed and the images flowed into his consciousness, the gateway between the conscious and subconscious mind was opened. He began telling me about different lifetimes as we journeyed together. Being connected at our Higher Selves I saw what he saw, but without the emotion and level of understanding he received as he spoke aloud for the benefit of my voice recorder. Scene after scene transpired over the 90 minutes we spent together in trance. One lifetime after another rolled forth, and he cried unabashedly one moment, while laughing and conversing with his higher self in another. I listened in the room and in the trance as I heard the knowledge he received from Spirit. Later, after the session was finished, Daniel described the experience.

“It was amazing, completely unlike what I expected. I saw scenes, and they were familiar to me but different from here. I knew I was there or had been there before, at some time, but I also knew I was here in the present.”

“I saw myself as someone else, but I knew it was me. And there was a woman who was with me. Sometimes as a wife, sometimes as a friend or parent who was very important in my life. And each time, I felt that I was pulled away from them too soon….and the message I received explained to me why I was the one left behind in this lifetime.”

“Each time I knew it was her. And sometimes I was a woman and she was a man. But the most remarkable thing was that I felt her there with me. I felt such love as I have never felt as a human, and she told me that she is always with me. And here is another thing, we still meet and talk and plan our lives at a higher level of existence. We are not done, although she will never be here in the physical with me. Even so, we are still together.”

Daniel explained that he received a greater understanding of the meaning of their relationship in this life and in other lives, and that he was not being punished but merely experiencing the life that he had created for himself. And what was the purpose? To learn.

Months later I received a call from Daniel, checking in, to tell me that his session was very helpful for him. He told me that he had become more spiritual, confident, and had lost the sense of grief and of loss after the session. This occurred because he experienced that his wife was still with him. He experienced her love, but at a deeper level than he had ever felt it when she was alive. It made the messages he received believable. They felt real. And he had the opportunity to ask the questions and receive the answers directly. As the facilitator/Medium, I also saw and heard the exchange, but I did not feel the emotion. And that is a huge difference between having a reading done by a Medium and having a QHHT session to connect directly with loved ones who have passed.

Another difference is the healing that can come from QHHT. Often, I will see a client who has suppressed anger over the loss of a loved one and feelings of grief for some time. When they have a good session, as Daniel did, they are liberated. It is no surprise when this freeing of emotions leads to healing of physical illness. The body is more than isolated organs and systems. The spirit and emotional and mental being is integrated into the physical. I believe that the vital force of the individual…that is what I call that thing that makes you a person and a dead body a corpse…tries to communicate with us in a very literal way that takes the form of physical symptoms in our bodies. What would have happened to Daniel if he had not received this liberation of emotions? I cannot say for certain, but I would not be surprised if it progressed to pain syndromes such as chronic pain or even fibromyalgia or arthritis. This, too is where QHHT has more to offer than a psychic reading. I have seen it bring great healing on not only the Spiritual, emotional, and mental levels, but also on the physical level. And that is why I feel so blessed to be able to offer this service.

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