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Chronic Pain from Old Injury Disappears
Help for Fibromyalgia

Hi Carole – Just wanted to thank you for the session we did together. At first I didn’t think I got much out of it. But about 2 days later I noticed the fibromyalgia pain was about 75% gone!  To me this is a miracle!


Thank you again and please stay in touch.


 Female, Scranton area, PA (after one QHHT session)


To Whom It May Concern,

I visited Carole for help with severe pain in my neck that I suffered for almost 2 years following an automobile accident. I had a buildup of scar tissue in the neck that was causing me limited range of motion, pain that prevented me from sleeping, and migraine headaches. Over nearly two years, before seeing Carole, I was treated by chiropractors and massage therapists in addition to having Acupuncture and Reiki treatments. None of these helped in any way except to clean out my wallet.


Carole did 3 Reconnective Healing sessions, and the pain diminished after each session until, after having the third session, I was completely free of pain. As of this writing iit has been 3 months and no pain has returned. I no longer have migraines, and I sleep very well. I can't believe this worked, but I am very glad I tried it! I highly recommend Carole to anyone who is in pain. She is amazing!


Male, Los Angeles area (after 3 Healing seesions)

Dear Carole,

It seems I am an Arcturian, or at least I am strongly connected with them. When I visited Cynthia Crawford's webslite, I was instantly drawn to the Arcturian sculpture as the little blue face that most resembles the one I saw at night. I remembered the roundness of the face and the broad nose. I know which star is Arcturias; I have noticed it many times.  No wonder I love to look at the moon over the lake, and study the sky!  I ordered a book about these beings along with the other titles you recommended.

I have listened to my session today, and I am gaining more insight.  I will continue to do so for the next few days at least.  I am also on a quest to open my throat chakra, using the directions you sent. You have given me a wonderful tool! 

Once again, thank you for assisting us on our great, and fun, life journey!  We enjoyed our trips to your beautiful home.  You are very good at what you do; it is a worthy path!  Call us any time, especially if we can help you in any way. 


Female, New York (After QHHT session)

Dear Carole Neary,

You are some kind of angel or magician! I am going to tell evereyone about you. I was told by my orthopedist that the torn cartilage in my knee would have to be operated on. Only 3 weeks later I am completely healed without surgery. Whatever you did fixed me and I can't explain it other than to say you are wonderful. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!


Male, Los Angeles (after 2 healing sessions and homeopathy)

Client remembers ET Contact
Knee Surgery Avoided




Thank you so much for helping me get rid off my cough.   I have been sick since December,  I took 2 bottles of DayQuil, and 3 different cough syrups, and my cough was getting worse that I couldn't sleep anymore.  So I finally went to the doctor, I was prescribed an antibiotic, two weeks later I still had my cough, so I went back and I was told that I was developing asthma, and I was given steroids and an inhaler. It is February now, and I am not sick but I still have this horrible cough until I came to see you.   Within two days I started to cough less and less and now I am able to sleep better at night, have a complete conversation without coughing and go to the movies and enjoy the movie peacefully.  Thank you for your help!!!!

Female, Los Angeles (after one homeopathic remedy)

Finally, relief from uncontrollable cough!
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