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Reconnective Healing® is a remarkable healing modality that is somewhat akin to Reiki in that it is a form of energy healing. However, Reconnective Healing® consists of an energy transfer to the energetic body using light and information that is being brought forward specifically for this time in our history.

I have inserted one of many YouTube video interviews with Dr. Eric Pearl in which he discusses Reconnective Healing--what it is and how it came to be. I will let Eric tell that story, as he does it so much more eloquently than I do. One thing I can tell you is that Eric Pearl has dedicated his life to a cause that was never on his radar for what he wanted to achieve in his life, and he has done it in order to help others and to make a difference for our world.

I had never heard of Reconnective Healing or Dr. Pearl prior to 2010. Like Eric and tens of thousands of others who have learned this healing modality, I was brought to it by a strange series of events which I never expected to be sharing in public. Yet here I am, and here is my Reconnective Healing story.

Sometime during the mid 1990's I was a mother of young children working as a pharmaceutical sales rep. I hated leaving my children every morning and going to my job, to the point where I would cry all the way to my first call as I envisioned horrible catastrophes befalling my family in my absence. To help me figure out why I felt so strongly about leaving my home to go to work, one of my friends recommended I have a past life regression.

I decided to have the regression and called the regressionist who was recommended to me, a woman who was also a gifted psychic and trance medium.  

The regression went well and after it was over, the psychic told me, "You are surrounded by many guides who are here to help you achieve your life purpose of being a healer." 

Now, I had not mentioned to her or to anyone else that I had been interested in healing work since I was a very young child. I spent hours in our back yard from at least the age of 3, trying to use healing energy that I was certain was coming from my hands. My mother said that I would tell her about the fairies and other beings who I played with in the back yard, and that she would watch me out there carrying on conversations with imaginary friends. (If you have met my mom, you will know that she does not believe in fairies or healing work or anything like that.) 

Anyway, when I was told about these guides, it made a lot of sense to me. My response was, "Cool! How can I make contact with them? I have no idea how to begin, but I am interested." 

I was told that one of them would be contacting me.

On my way home from the regression I heard someone in the back seat of my car. I am still shocked that I didn't freak out, but I just kept driving. The next thing I heard was the sound of someone very close to my left ear. Then, in what I can only describe as an external booming voice that was impossible to ignore, I was told, "My name is Enoch."

Still not panicking I asked, "Are you the guide who is here to help me learn to be a healer?" I was told that he was, and given some other information, and then I heard him leave.

The entire hour long drive home I was trying to figure out where I had heard that name, and I guessed it was from the bible. So as soon as I got home I grabbed a yardstick and tried to get a bible off of my very tall bookshelves, planning to catch it. The Bible crashed to the floor, lying open to a page that introduced Enoch.

I didn't have any more dramatic, surprise conversations with Enoch, and several years later I received an email from a physician friend who I hadn't heard from for many years. She encouraged me to listen to a webcast that her sister was hosting, promising it was something that would be of particular interest for me. It was on a Friday morning at 10 am, when I was supposed to be at work, so I responded that I couldn't make it.

Somehow I ended up taking the day off, working on my computer, when a reminder about the webcast popped up on the screen. So I tuned in to the interview with Dr. Eric Pearl describing how he had been introduced to Reconnective Healing, a type of healing light that came from his hands. When he got to the part about it being in a book called  The Keys of Enoch, I picked up the phone and started trying to reach Eric to find out how to learn Reconnective Healing. I found out that there would soon be a training class on the West coast, so I told Enoch that if he wanted me to go, I needed some money to pay for travel, a hotel, and the course fees. The next day while I was at work, my husband called to tell me that I had received $6,000 in the mail that we were not expecting.

Recocnnective Healing really works. It is my favorite healing modality because it works well, and it works fast. I have had many unexpected successes with it, so I no longer wonder if it will be helpful. In the margins throughout this site and in the "Testamonials" page, you will find many testamonials from people who I have treated with Reconnective Healing.


One of my favorite healing stories occurred while I was working for a medical device company as a sales rep. I went into an office and ran into a pharmaceutical rep who had previously told me she was retiring, so I was quite surprised to find her working. She explained to me that she had recently been diagnosed with a frozen shoulder, so she'd had to delay her retirement in order to have the surgery to fix it. She demonstrated for me that she could not lift her arm.


"Sally" knew that I was some sort of an alternative medicine practitioner, so when I asked her if she would let me fix her shoulder she was agreeable. We went down to the lobby of the medical building and she sat in a chair with her eyes closed for about 5 minutes while I worked on her. When I stopped and had her open her eyes, she said she had been experiencing a feeling of very mild electric shocks going through her body and some other gentle sensations. I asked her to raise her hands above her head, which she did. I asked her if she had any pain, and she said that she didn't. Then she realized what had happened and turned white as a ghost. I thought she was going to pass out, but instead she got up and practically ran to her car.  I later found out that she retired after a few months, when she finally accepted that her frozen shoulder was not coming back.

No matter where you are, you can also experience the tremendous benefits of Reconnective Healing as have people whose testamonials appear on this site. Some of these are from people who visited my office, some of them were located across the state or country from me and had long distance sessions. It doesn't matter where you are, I can help you, too. If you are interested, you can contact me by clicking on the "Contact Me" tab.

I have been a happy client of Carole Neary's for about two years and I would like to describe my first "long distance " Reconnective energy healing experience.
I usually have my sessions with Carole at her home, having a reconnecting talk before I lay down for the session. I can feel the energy moving to various places in my body that we may have talked about or somewhere chronic that needed attention. It is always relaxing as well as physically therapeutic leaving my spirit peaceful and my body energized at the same time. It feels like being jump started in the right direction particular to your needs for healing.


The long distance session I had with Carole was as effective as any I have experienced with her in person. I missed seeing her  but am so relieved that we can continue our sessions where ever we are. I encourage anyone in need to try a Reconnective healing session in person or long distance. She is kind, loving and thorough in her quest to help you become healthy which makes everyone happy.
Thank you Carole for the past, present and future.

CL, Oregon and Los Angeles

I first saw Carol for a problem with my knee 3 years ago. I came to her garage sale on crutches and she let me feel the healing energy on my hand. I had to wait to have the surgery so I decided to come and let her try to help me so I wouldn't have to have the surgery. She fixed my torn cartilage that I was waiting to have surgery for. I am happy to say that she fixed it and I never had to have the surgery. to this day it is cured. It was cured in 2 Reconnective Healing sessions.

The second time I saw her was 3 months ago. I was having pain in my back that was making it impossible to sleep from a rock hard lump I had in my back for many years. It had got worse and I was in constant, severe pain so bad that I could not do anything. I was cured of this in 2 treatments. the lump disappeared overnight and I was painfree AND my liver problems disappeared too. I had cirrosis and Hepatitis C and those both disappeared which my doctor confirmed.

Go see her and she will help you. God bless you in Jesus Christ's name she is a miracle worker.

ED, Los Angeles

Reconnective Healing®

In 2013 I came to see Carole. I had trained in many healing modalities and found myself unable to practice any of them. I continued studying different modalities including going to Brazil to study with John of God, spending thousands and thousands of dollars on training and learning, but afraid to practice. I had no confidence in my ability, so I was unable to recommend it to others.

When I came to see Carole I found her very easy to talk to about things I had not been able to talk about before. She has a beautiful aura and I could feel her loving energy as we talked. Carole suggested that The Reconnection® would help me to feel more comfortable in myself. I went for the two Reconnection sessions, which were very insightful. As I lay on the table I felt my breathing slow down to almost nothing that I was aware of, and I saw beings who felt familiar to me. I was in a classroom being instructed about life and my life purpose here on Earth. I suddenly understood why I was here and how to get back on track.

Since have The Reconnection® done I feel more confident, I have a successful healing business. I can tell my healing ability is much stronger and my clients are seeing real results. It is hard to explain, but I feel that the change is due to having The Reconnection®. Based on my own experience I would recommend to others who wish to develop their healing abilities to have a consultation with Carole.

VC,  Los Angeles

Reconnective Healing ®

I came to see Carole for acute tendonitis in both Achilles tendons from overtraining. I was in severe pain and could barely walk. Every step was excruciating. I had one Reconnective Healing session that lasted about 30 minutes, got off the table pain free, and have had abolutely no pain since the treatment, about two and a half years ago. I went back to running a few days later, and ever since then I have had no problems or pain. In addition, since the healing session I stopped having the migraine headaches that had caused me to lose work several days every month for many years. I highly recommend Carole.

--Female, 40 yrs, Los Angeles area


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